Why it’s Best to Buy from a Recliner Specialist?

Everywhere you go online you can find companies selling furniture although they may not be a recliner specialist. It has become incredibly easy for websites to upload product, description and information on products. Basically by simple clicking a button.

You may then see these products online and you can either buy these products with the click of a button, or be put through to a call center where a salesperson on the other end of the phone, probably knows as much about the product as you do. This is OK, and may save you a few pounds at the beginning, but you are not always getting the best product for your personal needs or requirements or it is very likely that you would get a much better product for the same money by simply doing some research either online or in a showroom.

Here at Recliners Direct we have has an online business for almost 15 years now and we have noticed over this time some noticeable trends and buying habits that may surprise you a little.

There are some standard things people have in their mind when they look for products online, and it is not always the price that influences purchases online.

What Influences Purchases?
Let me give you a couple of examples, several years ago bonded leather furniture hit the market. This was a reasonably new product that had the look and feel of leather, as fundamentally it was made out of real leather, although a cheaper and inferior quality to the genuine article. Recliners became cheaper and cheaper as this cheap upholstery covering brought the prices down to a minimum. This meant retailers could offer cheaper products to their customers. The only issue was that as the old adage goes… you get what you pay for.

Usually after about 12 months the bonded leather started to disintegrate and the telephones would start ringing off the hook with customers calling about there leather peeling. Customers have been stung by poor products and would not buy cheap bonded leather chairs again. What many customers and end users didn’t and still don’t realize, is that like real leather, there are different qualities of bonded leather, and spending a little more on better quality upholstery can save any problems further down the line.

So customers who replace furniture tend to purchase better quality products as they try to avoid leather issues on their new recliners.

What many customers aren’t aware of also, is that especially with British furniture, the same item can be made in up to 5 sizes. As each of us are different heights, sizes and have different postures, British recliners especially are made to fit the person, rather than a one size fits all. A petite little old lady would not be able to comfortably sit in a chair that a 6-foot man would sit in. So comfort, support and posture are individual and unique to us. When buying online it is almost impossible to know if the purchase would suit or requirements without doing some research and visiting a specialist showroom.

So you may ask why are their so many companies selling chairs online. Quite simply because its quite easy to do, and offer customers a shop window to do research and see the available color’s and designs available on the market, but predominately it is cheaper items that sell online, but it is almost impossible to find cheap products in showrooms around the county. Why is this?

Shop floor retail space is at a premium and it £199 swivel recliner takes up exactly the same space as a £699 swivel recliner. Cheaper products tend to come in 4 or 5 basic colors with the same wood color no matter what covering the chair is made in. More expensive recliners are usually available in up to 60 colors with various wood colors and styles. You simply get more options with more expensive items.

There is another reason retailers won’t have cheap items on display…. Quite simply they don’t sell. When customers buy online they don’t have another chair to compare the comfort or quality with, so they think that a cheap recliner looks and feels cheaper because of the price. When you have half a dozen recliners on display in various styles, sizes and price range, the cheaper products don’t sell as customers can see the differences in quality and comfort by paying a little more money.

But then you may say, I understand that, but where can I go to try chairs in different sizes and styles, as most retail parks just do sofa and chairs in one size so I have to choose from what I’m shown in store.

This again is where some research is advisable and it could save you thousands of pounds and you are likely to end up with a much better quality and more suitable recliners than viewing items online.

There are several retailers that offer recliners to try in different sizes, styles and designs. HSL are a nationwide company that offers furniture to suit many users. Although many items are targeted at a slightly older market, it may well be worth visiting them to get an overall idea of the styles and benefits of purchasing a recliner or sofa that is the correct size for you.

Recliners Direct based in Lancashire are the UK’s Number 1 Recliner Specialist, although not on the scale of HSL, we do offer a huge range of recliners and matching furniture in various sizes. Our showroom showcases  over 25 recliner chairs on display in various sizes, styles and with varying functions. On display you will find manual recliner to electric recliners, a selection of our best selling swivel recliner and single and dual motor riser recliners. All our furniture in our showroom is made here in the UK.