Thinking of buying a Riser Recliner? – Free impartial advice from Recliners Direct

Considering buying a Riser Recliner? How to buy the best rise and recline chair!

So you’re thinking of buying a riser recliner, but know very little about the chair functions apart from they help you rise from the chair without struggling.

There are many decisions so consider such as the size, single or dual motor riser? Fabric or Leather, Waterfall or button back design, wooden knuckle supports or padded arms etc.

Well we have written this comprehensive guide to help you how to choose the best riser recliner chair for your needs.

It would be remiss of me not to mention that you can find some very cheap ‘Off the Peg’ riser chairs on-line that start from around £299 Ex Vat. If you are thinking of purchasing one of these please read the following carefully before buying a riser recliner.

We have been selling Riser Recliner chairs for almost 2 decades, as we stay away from cheap riser recliners for several reasons:

  • The component parts on the recliner are the cheapest on the market. Poor upholstery coverings, metalwork, framework, and motors. We have seen some cheap riser frames recliner chairs made from old pallets!!
  • These chair tend to come in one size, so if the size is not correct for you, they are unable to offer size options.
  • The seat foams are very hard which stops the foam collapsing onto the framework. Likely you will be spending many hours sat in your chosen Recliner.
  • Many companies sell these recliners as loss leaders but if you need to return the chair as unsuitable, they charge huge return fees.
  • Cheap chairs have a very short user life span. Like all things in life you really do get what you pay for. You wouldn’t want your chair failing when you need it most.

Something else to bear in mind, is that while some furniture stores sell riser recliner chairs, they’re more typically sold in independent recliner specialist /mobility stores, on-line and by phone or mail order. It’s worth doing a little research to make sure you are buying a riser recliner chair that best suits you. We here at Recliners Direct are independent recliner specialists who sell through our comfort studio, on-line, over the telephone and via our Free Home Demonstration. You will find our competitors sell many of the chair types listed above, however we specialize in high quality recliners suitable for the NHS and care home environments and high quality British made riser recliners.

While it might be tempting to simply measure yourself or a family member and order a riser recliner from a catalogue or website, we’d always recommend if possible to try before you buy.

If you are thinking of buying a riser recliner chair made to your personal requirements, you’ll find that manufacturers tend to recommend that you order a custom-made chair built specifically for your dimensions, rather than a standard model. There are a couple of things to be aware of if you are thinking of going down this road.

  • These chairs can’t be returned if you find the chair is unsuitable as they are classed as a bespoke item, so read the terms and conditions very carefully.
  • Companies who offer made to measure items will very rarely give you a price before they visit. This is because they tend to wait to see how affluent the customer is before creating a price. The sales men are totally commission driven, so the more they charge you, the more they get.
  • Most people fall into 1 of 4 size categories, and although salesmen will sell you a chairs saying it is truly bespoke, if you compare sizes to online dimensions of other recliner, you will find that they are almost if not identical.
  • There are some good companies who will do an honest and fair job. If a manufacturer is offering huge discounts or ‘Buy One get One free offers’, we recommend you research the companies carefully.
  • The prices can be astronomical, as many companies who make bespoke recliners charge hugely for every single adaptation. So get them to carefully break the price down for you, and don’t be pressured into purchasing there and then. Shop around.

Alternatively, you can book an assessment with an independent adviser who’ll take you through these steps, as well as help you choose a correctly proportioned chair. If you have a specific medical problem affecting your mobility, we recommend you seek independent advice before buying a riser recliner.

If necessary you can search for a registered professional in your area by searching the College of Occupational Therapists website.

Another thing to bear in mind when buying a riser recliner, is if you have a long term disability you may qualify for VAT exemption because although riser recliners are designed for general use, if you have a specific mobility problem and you need special equipment to live independently you are likely to qualify. Visit the HMRC website for more information on VAT relief for disabled people.

If you’re unsure of what will suit you best, it’s worth speaking to an occupational health therapist or a mobility recliner specialist to get some expert advice.

Most British recliners are available in up to 4 sizes. These range from petite up to Royale or Grande. With the larger sized riser recliner chairs it is important to check if there are any weight restrictions for the model you’re considering. Most British made Riser Recliner offer weight limits go up to approx. 25 Stone (145KG). But it is worth also checking the foot lift weight capacity if you suffer from any specific leg issues as most will lift only up-to about 6 stone.

If the chair isn’t built for your weight, the frame may become unstable, so you may need to look at buying a special heavy-duty chair, some manufacturers also will not cover the warranty if the user hugely exceeds the recommended weight limits.

Some manufacturers offer chairs in extra-large sizes (often called ‘bariatric’ chairs) that you can buy off the shelf, or you can order a custom-made one.

Something else to bear in mind is that dual motor riser recliners require more room at the rear of the chair to fully recliner, usually about 15”. Single motors only tend to recline to a snooze position instead of a sleeping position, so only approx. 8” is required to fully recline.

You’ll also need to make sure you have a mains power supply near your new purchase. Before buying, try out as many riser recliner chairs as you can, testing your riser recliner chair, just as you would with any other product.

Don’t forget you will likely be sat in your new recliner for many hours daily, so you need to make sure it offers the correct posture control and overall comfort you need.

It’s important to remember that most chairs will feel comfy when you first sit on them, but to be really sure about the comfort level you need to sit in one for about an hour. If your recliner isn’t right, not only will it be uncomfortable but also it could cause you physical problems.

The problems caused by ill-fitting chairs are considerable. Consider if the chair is to high not allowing your feet to touch the floor, or the seat is too shallow meaning you cant fully sit back comfortably, putting extra pressure on your lower back. If the chair’s too short, your legs won’t be fully supported, and the backs of your thighs could start to ache. If the seat’s too wide, you’ll find there is nothing to stop you leaning sideways, and your back will not be properly supported and your arms won’t rest comfortably on the arms. You’ll also feel less secure in the chair. If the seat’s too tight, it will prove uncomfortable and restrictive. You will find that people tend to use cushions to support them in area’s where the chair is lacking necessary support, however if the chair is the correct size, no cushions will be needed.

A comfortable chair will have support in the right places, including: extra padding at the bottom to support your lower back, and at the top for your head; a leg rest that supports your whole lower leg down to your heel and at the same height as your seat; correct cushioning – soft enough to be comfortable, but not so soft that you can feel the frame of the chair.

Once you have found the chair of your dreams, many extra features are available to make your new purchase even more unique, ask yourself these questions to help you choose the most suitable functions:

Do you want the leg rest to rise automatically as you recline, or would you prefer to control these movements independently of each other? (Budget single motor riser recliners will recline the back and footrest together – meaning you will be unable to put your feet up to watch TV).

Do you want a back-up battery that will let you move back to a neutral or standing position if you have a power cut? (Most chairs have a one-use battery back-up feature, but multi use backups can be added for a small extra cost)

Do you want an anti-entrapment feature to prevent accidents owing to pets or small children getting underneath the mechanism before it moves? (Almost all British Riser recliners have anti-entrapment features. Cheap foreign imports don’t always.)

Would you like the seat and back to remain fixed in position as you recline? (The only chair offering this option is a tilt in space mechanism and is generally only necessary for user who have hip replacement or lower back issues)

Do I require a Massage system or heat pad? Most recliners these days can be fitted with massage systems or heat pads, however if you have a heart condition, may be pregnant or have a pace maker fitted, we strongly suggest you speak to a health professional before purchasing a massage system.

Where can I try a range of riser recliners? Recliners Direct has approximately 20 riser recliners on display in various sizes and styles for you to try. We are open 6 days a week, so why not visit our comfort studio today to start discovering how buying a riser recliner may be one of the most important purchases you’ve made in a long while.