Why Buy British Furniture? Some Questions to Consider!

We have all heard the Mantra that you get what you pay for, and I’m sure you agree with those sentiments. But this is especially important when you’re thinking of investing in a new recliner or living room suite.

Here is a few things to think about when you are researching your new product.

Is the frame made from hard wood, or is it soft wood and chipboard?

Are the component parts made from high quality metals, so are the inferior parts?

Will my new furniture stand up to daily use, or will it get only occasional usage?

Do you know if the leather is genuine or a very good imitation?

We will go into more details regarding why British Furniture is arguably the finest furniture in the world, but let us give you a bit of back ground of how British products compares to mass imported furniture.

Is the Frame Hardwood or Softwood with chipboard?

Many of the quality British Manufacturers make their own frames, or buy them from reputable companies. The high impact parts are hardwood, and the joints are usually screwed and glued to provide years of endless daily use. Many parts are Jig cut automatically on machines to ensure consistent high quality.

Where-as cheaper products will tend to be made of soft wood, and chipboard. The joints are just stapled together, with no glue. This style of product is likely to squeak, bend and break with little use. Many suppliers of imported cheaper end items have strangely started giving hours of use on their products. This is likely as they know that they are only made for occasional use rather than day to day use.

Are the component parts made from high quality metals, so are the inferior parts?

This is one of the most frustrating parts of dealing with some of the imported cheaper items. We know that these products are made to a budget, so it really makes sense that the component parts will be sourced as cheaply as possible. But with cheapness you cannot control quality, meaning that the component parts of budget products are far inferior to quality British made products. Many British manufacturers give huge warranties on their components, as they know they are made from the premium metals so ensure longevity. Imported parts come with a 12-month warranty and often they struggle to last that long before running repairs are needed.

Let me give you an example, You can go online now and buy a single motor riser recliner chair for £249 Ex Vat. So think about it, Its been made in the Far East, its been shipped over to the UK after all the labour and transport costs, and then sold to the UK Market for less than £250. What sort of quality would you expect for a product that was probably sold for about £100?. You are asking for trouble.

Compare it to a British made recliner, I agree they WILL cost you more, but your not only buying a product that is quality checked at every step, uses only the best components, can offer terrific after sales service and 5 years warranties, you are buying peace of mind, knowing that the item you invested in will last many years.

Will my new furniture stand up to daily use, or will it get only occasional usage?

Family daily use varies from family to family. I spend a few hours in an evening at home on my furniture, so my recliners get very little daily use, my retired dad spends most of his days sat in his recliner. If you buy quality furniture, whether the items get occasion use or heavy daily use, you will have very few issues, however buying the cheapest product on the market and expecting it to perform like the premium products available is naïve and impractical. You wouldn’t race a Fiat Punto next to a Bugatti. You know what you get with both budgets. They both ultimately do the same job, but you couldn’t return a Putno for not driving as fast and as comfortably. It’s all perspective. If you are going to be spending many daily hours in your recliner, don’t forget it’s an investment. 

Do you know if the leather is genuine or a very good imitation?

This is a tricky one for people to grasp, and yet it is essential to how your recliner will perform and last. With so many different variations on the market, from Leather effect, to Bonded and Air Leather, moving onto Leather Faced, Split Leather, Full Grain and Semi Analine, it can lead to confusion and despair.

But despair not, Leather effect is Vinyl, Pure and simple, it cleans greats, wears quite well and has a representation on leather, however the price of vinyl product are usually cheaper. Bonded leather is a by-product of Leather. There are different qualities of bonded leather so it is worth researching.

Air Leather is new to the UK market as of late 2014. It is a fabric with a leather top sprayed onto the fabric. Will it wear well? No-one really knows yet, but it does have a nice feel and is slightly warmer to the touch than leather.

Split leather is slightly cheaper leather that is usually used on the outsides of recliners to then sell the chair as full leather. We would never recommend purchasing a recliner that has the parts you sit on made from split leather.

Full Grain and Semi-Analine are genuine leathers. Y0u do take a jump in price going for genuine leather, but over the years they are a much better investment.

We hope this has given you a little insight into the quality of British Furniture compared to cheaper equivalents imported from the Far East. Future article will go into more detail on many aspects of the furniture trade.