6 easy steps to your perfect furniture….. A Buyers Guide from Recliners Direct

6 easy steps to your perfect furniture…..

We are fully aware and understand that investing in a new recliner or living room suite can be both daunting and confusing. We have compiled this easy to understand user guide to offer some practical guidance and advice to help you choose the right piece of furniture for your requirements.

  1. Size it up

One of first thing that we would suggest you have at the forefront of your mind when choosing your perfect recliner or living room suite is to decide what size furniture fits both you and also the room in which it is going to be situated.

At The Recliners Direct we offer a range of specialist recliners available in a range of sizes from compact petite chairs for the smaller user/room to large bariatric recliners for the larger user/room. The matching pieces of furniture can vary greatly dependent upon mechanism choice, so please ask for specific sizes if required.

First things first, to get the best out of your new recliner it needs to be the correct size for you. Usually the easiest way to get an idea of the correct sized recliner for you is to use your existing chair as a guide. The questions that you need to ask yourself are; Can I put my feet flat on the floor when sat in a normal upright position? (If your feet float when sat in this position, the seat height is likely to high for the user)

Is the width of the chair too much or too little? (Some customers prefer to feel snug in a chair, while other prefer room to move about and put the remote controls next to them, or have room for the family pet)

Does the headrest support my head fully? (If your head is not supported when sat back in the chair, a taller back support would be suggested)

Am I sat with the bottom of my back where the backrest meets the seat cushion? (We suggest that the user does not need cushions or pillows behind the back so the seat dimensions are then correct, the user should be able to sit back normally as this will fully support the back and legs).

You can use these questions and suggestions to calculate the perfect sized recliner for your body shape or specific needs, and then simply match these measurements using each recliners simple dimensions table.

This same method can be used if you require a 2 or 3 seater sofa simply use the same easy to use dimension table to measure your room to see if the piece will fit still allowing a clear passage through the room.

Points to remember

Is there easy access to the desired location of your recliner? (All fixed two and three settees have non removable backs, so easy access to your required room is required. If you are unsure please call our dedicated customer service team on (01772) 513115

If you are having a dual motor recliner mechanism you may need more space behind you to allow space for the full recline.

Top Tip

Use the handy new compare button to view up to 3 different recliners description, dimensions and pictures at once side by side.

  1. Choose your design

On the Recliner World website you will find a whole array of different manufacturers and models which all have their own unique styles. You will need to decide whether you would like a contemporary or classic design or maybe just something in between the two. Below is a guide to show the different manufacturers and their styles.

Contemporary – Elano Sitbest, Selected La-z-boy, Elite, Keyton,

The Inspirational Range – La-z-Boy, Relaxateeze, Premier

Traditional and Elegant-  Sherborne, Celebrity, Sitting Pretty, selected Premier

What you must also look out for when choosing your style is desirable features such as wooden knuckle handles for extra support when standing or a waterfall back rest for extra lower lumber support, memory foam seating etc. Each recliner will have its own selection of features that will be clearly explained in the description section of each product.

Points to remember

If you require a matching 2 or 3 seater to match your recliner this is not always possible for every recliner we offer. If this is a requirement we recommend you double check.

Do the features of the recliner you have chosen meet your everyday

Top Tip

If you have a specific condition, requirements or circumstance that requires a very particular chair why not give our friendly experts a call to get their expert advice on 01772 513115.

  1. Choose your reclining action

Now that you have chosen the size and style of your recliner you need to decide what recliner mechanism is right for you. Below are the 4 main types of mechanism and their descriptions.

Manual Mechanism With the manual mechanism there is either a latch or handle on the side of the recliner which is pulled to release the footrest. After this has been released the recliner works with the user’s bodyweight to recline further into a fully reclined position. In most cases the user will need strength in their legs to return the footrest to its original closed position. The benefit of a manual mechanism is that there are no electrical wires that need to be used to work the chair.

Electric Mechanism This is the most common popular style of mechanism as it allows the user to elevate the footrest and recline the backrest at the touch of a button. These buttons are often located in the side of the recliner but certain models can also be available on a wired handset. The benefit of an electric recliner is that it allows the user to enjoy the comfort of the recliner without having to use their leg strength to return the recliner to the original position.

Single Motor Riser Recliner This mechanism is designed to assist the user to a standing position. With just a touch of a button the whole recliner will lift and tilt forwards safely & slowly allowing the user to walk forward from the recliner if aid standing is required. With this style of mechanism the recliner will also be able to recline in the same way as an electric with the footrest rising level with the seat followed by the backrest reclining.

Dual Motor Riser Recliner – The dual motor riser mechanism is designed to assist the user to a standing position with just a touch of a button. The whole recliner will lift and tilt forwards safely to allow the user to walk forward from the recliner. The main difference between the single motor and dual motor recliner comes when the user wants to recline. The dual motor mechanism allows the user to work the footrest and backrest motors independently, allowing the user to find that perfect sitting position for ultimate comfort. Due to the increased functionality of the dual motor mechanism it is important to remember that there is an increased number of buttons on the handset. (Usually a 5 button handset, See Below:

Points to remember

If you decide on a dual motor recliner mechanism you may need more space behind the chair to allow space for the full recline.

If you have a long term illness or disability you may be able to reclaim your VAT on any single or dual motor riser recliner. Please contact our customer service team or your local VAT office for more details.

Top Tip

If you have decided to go for an electric or riser recliner make sure that there is a mains plug socket reasonably close to the desired location of the chair.

  1. Fabric or Leather

When purchasing your new recliner you will need to consider the main advantages and disadvantages of both fabric and leather and decide which bests fits your everyday requirements.

Fabric Advantages

  • Fabric upholstery is by far the warmer and softer choice if you require a homely feel and look to your recliner.
  • There is a large choice of different fabrics to suit most room colour schemes and If you are looking for a statement piece of furniture there are many different intricate patterns and bold colours available.
  • Fabric tends to be less expensive compared to leather.

Fabric Disadvantages

If the chair is likely to be subject to spillages or soiling, fabric may not be a practical option.

Oil satins and dye transfer from wet clothing can be stubborn to remove from fabric.

Fabric sometimes may not look as contemporary as leather furniture.

Leather Advantages

Choice of different grades of leather ranging in softness and durability

Easy to wipe down and clean after any spillages or soiling.

Leather is always room temperature. If your room is warm the leather will be also

Has a contemporary look and style.

Leather Disadvantages

It can cost considerably more than a fabric alternative.

Leather can often feel cold to touch especially if situated in a conservatory etc.

Sometimes leather can stretch a little more that Fabric. This is perfectly normal.

Points to Remember

There are several different types of leather. Please make sure that you read the product description carefully as they can vary between thickness, durability and leather finishes.

On selected recliners you will also have the option of choosing the colour of any exposed wood.

Top Tip

If you are cannot identify if a fabric or leather is correct for your colour scheme why not request a sample to be posted to your address. Contact our Customer service team for more details.

  1. Add any extras

Now that you have done all of the hard work it is now time to make your new recliner stand out from the rest by adding some accessories. Here is a selection of the most popular accessories.

Arm caps – Arm caps are a must for any fabric recliner which will be getting daily use. The perfectly fitted fabric covers will match the fabric of your recliner and will protect the arms from the natural wear of that part of the recliner.

Head/neck cushion – If you require some extra support for your head or neck then a matching weighted cushion which can be easily taken off is the accessory for you.

Heat and massage – The heat and massage system directs heat directly to the lower lumber area via a heat pad and the 10 point massage system uses its several pre-set modes and intensities to give a full body massage. This is a Vibro Massage, Not a deep muscle massage.

Massage systems can only be for to certain models and manufacturers. Contact us for more details.

Scatter cushions – Individual scatter cushions can be purchased in matching fabric to your recliner to be placed on an existing piece of furniture or for extra comfort on your new recliner.

Top Tip

The arm caps available from The Recliners Direct are all machine washable to keep them looking brand new. See washing instructions for more details.

  1. Place Your Order

Now that you identified your dream recliner or furniture you have 3 options to place your order.

  1. Place your order online using our totally secure payment process
  2. Call our sales team on 01772 513115 and place the order over the phone with one of our friendly sales staff. If you are ordering a special item, a 30% deposit is required.
  3. Come and visit us at one of our stores located in Lancashire 119 Towngate, Leyland, PR25 2LQ.

Top Tip

If you plan to visit one of our stores, call us on (01772) 513115 to find out which of our store has the recliners that you are interested in on display.

If you have any other questions or queries not covered in this guide, our friendly staff are happy to help with any queries you may have.